About Jen Willoughby

Hey, you found my blog. Cool beans! If you like what you’ve seen and you want to know a bit more about me, read on.

Jen’s Bio

In an endeavor to bring her life’s work full circle, Jennifer is in the process of rediscovering the bliss and jubilation of using all the colors in her big box of crayons.

With her creative focus now in the fine arts, Jennifer is exploring her hand at mixed media painting, photography, jewelry making and found object sculpture. Inspired by the artists of the Vienna secession, Arts and Crafts movement, Chinese Engraving and the works of Albrecht Dürer. Jennifer intensely studies and celebrates the works of contemporary artists such as Hans Ruedi Giger, June Stratton, Audrey Kawasaki, and Ron English.

Jennifer has spent three decades as a commercial artist. Her experience spans marketing, photography, illustration, graphic design for both print and web, video production, 2D and 3D animation.

Jennifer Willoughby is a Colorado native and currently resides in Westminster.


Work History

Colorado Technical University

North Campus Westminster, Colorado

Title: Web Design Instructor (HTML, CSS) Part-time adjunct instructor

Introduced students to the nuances of hand coding using HTML, CSS and XML.

Facilitated an online forum for students with weekly debate topics.

The Art Institute of Colorado 

1200 S. Lincoln Street, Denver, Colorado

Title: Web Design Instructor (Dreamweaver, Flash, Fire Works and Photoshop) Part-time adjunct instructor.

Regis Learning Systems

Genesee CO

Remote 8 month contract creating on line training materials for the DOD using Flash interactive features and 2D animation.


Small Space Rescue

Wildfire First Responders

First Responders Radioactive Crisis Training

Jet Fuel Rehydration Systems and Protocols


Quintess LRW

Title: Graphic/Web Designer

Contribution: Design and production of print, landing pages and e-marketing materials, including the design of numerous collateral pieces in support of the Club’s luxury brand. Determining color treatment, specifications and deadlines, and the best and most cost effective method of reproduction. Managed project and shot list for photo shoots of luxury homes in Paris, Italy, Aspen, and Steamboat Springs. Created and revised complex vector Maps.

National Corporate Housing 

Title: Graphic Web Designer, Photography

Contribution: Design and production of print, web and multimedia/e-marketing communications for several national companies under the Atchison Group umbrella.

Cherry Hills Country Club

Title: Publications Director, Graphic/Web Designer & Photographer

Focus:  Key roll in the design and production of all print, web and multimedia communications for the promotion of various Club events. Developed an interactive History DVD for Club Members, photographed the 2005 U.S. Women’s Open and created an interactive Flash CD for Club Members highlighting the week long event. During the 2004 renovation project, worked directly with the project manager to communicate all phases of the 8 million dollar project, designing the project proposal which resulted in a majority vote in favor of the renovation. Developed and launched the Club’s web site offering members a virtual tour of the construction site during the renovation process.

Platt College

Title: Electronic Pre Press, Practicum, Job Skills and Studio Business Instructor. As an Electronic Pre Press instructor, instrumental  in developing the curriculum for Electronic Pre Press in 2001. During the course of employment collaborated and assumed the lead with several design related projects including a brochure for an event sponsored by The Denver Ad Federation, print ads and articles published in The Marketing Journal, and the 1999/2000 Platt College brochure.

Sat on the board of directors for the Printing and Imaging Foundations which offered applicants fully paid educational scholarships.

The National Writers Club

Title:  Art Director, Membership Specialist, School Registrar

Focus: Design and production of all of the Club’s marketing and membership communications materials which included Newsletters, White Pages, promotion of keynote Speakers for conferences and workshops. Design of several books covers for member’s using the self publishing services of the Club. Managed the membership process via the creation of a custom database, advised and instructed students as they progressed through the Club’s writing course, and was responsible for accounts receivables and accounts payables.


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